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Can I have a dirty imagine with Luke? He's the subbing for your p.e. Teacher:) My name is Sofia btw:) Thank you

saltedgravy answered:

yes oh gOD THIS IS HOT

You tapped your pencil against the edge of your desk, zoned out of the teacher droning on and on about something you were completely uninterested about. You were startled out of your day dreams as you heard your sixth period bell ringing, signalling that it was over and seventh was about to begin.

Seventh period hands down had to be your least favorite class, it was P.E. It’s not that you weren’t athletic, in fact you enjoyed sports, it was the annoying jocks who took it too serious and the school sluts who saw the uniforms as an opportunity to show off their bodies. You walked down the hallway, spotting a couple of friends and exchanging quick ‘Hello’s and ‘Maybe we could hang out this weekend’s, before you walked into the gym and straight to the locker room.

You walked in, setting your duffle bag down and rummaging through it for your P.E. uniform, which to your surprise wasn’t in there. Realizing you had forgotten to pack it after washing it last night. You sighed loudly and ran a hand through your hair.

"Everything alright Y/N?" one of the girls asked you, her name was Hayley, and she just so happened to be one of those popular girls with the too tight uniforms. She was extremely nice and always friendly to you though, you just weren’t comfortable with her uniform choice personally.

You shrugged frustrated, “I forgot to repack my uniform after I washed it last night. I guess I’ll just stay in these clothes.” you said gesturing down to your jeans and sweater.

She shook her head, “No need! I have an extra you can borrow! If you don’t change out, you’ll get in trouble, especially since I heard the sub for today is extra strict.”

You gulped, it was incredibly nice of her to offer, but you weren’t sure you were okay with wearing her small uniform. You thought about it for a minute, deciding it was better to have one day of torture than get in trouble with your supposedly strict sub, “Thanks Hayley, I’ll wash it tonight and bring it back to you. You’re a life safer.”

She nodded before tossing the uniform to you, and shouting out an, “No worries, I know you’d do the same for me!” as she walked out into the gym. 

You quickly changed into her uniform, which was considerably shorter and smaller on you, because how much shorter Hayley was than you. You sighed in the mirror admiring you assets, you couldn’t deny that the uniform did make you look sexy, but you still weren’t entirely happy with the thought of running around in front of everyone like that. You pushed the worry away as you walked out of the locker room trying to pull down your shorts to be at least a little bit longer. Entering into the gym you were greeted by the not so subtle stares of the boys, and one extremely attractive gym teacher. At first sight, his broad back was turned to you, his tight muscles showing through his shirt as one of the girls shamelessly flirted with him. 

He turned around shrugging off her advances, and you caught sight of one of the most beautiful faces you had ever seen. He was angelic looking, with a soft set of lips and bright blue eyes. He was captivating, and when he smiled one dimple that was set in his cheek poked in, it was incredibly adorable. You were practically swooning over the man who couldn’t have been much older than you. 

He called everyone’s attention to the bleachers, instructing everyone to sit down so he could introduce himself. You sat downing taking a seat on the second row, so you were close enough to see him but not close enough for it to be obvious. He smiled, “Hello everyone, as you know I’m here subbing for Coach Peterson, whose daughter is getting married today. You can call me Coach Hemmings.” He took roll quickly, all the girls giggling when he called their name, his tongue rolled out your name, and you almost passed out on the spot. Your name sounded so smooth on his lips, and hearing his voice mutter it was mesmorizing. 

You stuttered, “H-here” you mentally slapped yourself after as you blushed realizing how much you sounded like any other hormonal stricken teenage girl who had giggled. He smirked to himself before calling out the rest of the classes names.

He set down the roll list and clapped his hands together, “Okay guys, considering that the volleyball net is up and we can’t do much around it, how about we play some volleyball?” he called out as the jocks stood up to high five their friends and walk out to the court. “Since there’s an even number of guys and girls, lets play guys against girls, and I’ll also play with the guys.” 

You smiled to yourself, you were actually really good at volleyball and decided it was an opportunity to impress Coach Hemmings at least a little bit, why not? You weren’t planning on seeing him again any time soon after this class so you might as well leave a good first impression and redeem yourself from the previous embarrassment of roll call.

You took your spot on the court, excited to prove yourself. You scored point after point for your team, turning around again with yet another point off a spike to meet in the middle with your team and cheer. Turning back around to take your spot on the net, you saw Coach Hemmings watching you intently, his eyes following your every move and lips quirking into a smirk when he saw you had realized what he was doing. 

Mark, one of the jocks on the boys team went up to spike, but you jumped as well, raising your arms and blocking his hit, as you got the game winning point for you team. The girls all cheered and laughed, congratulating you and sending phrases of praise your direction. You smiled, and hear Coach Hemmings call out, “Good job girls! Especially you Y/N, I had no idea you had that in you! Alright everyone, class is over, go change and have a great weekend.” You blushed at his comments and walked into the locker room, you took your time, pulling your hair down from it’s pony tail and brushing it out. Before long, you were the last one left in the locker room. 

You smiled enjoying the peace and quiet as you hummed, and pulled the small shirt from your body, you tossed it to the floor, before hearing someone speak out from behind you, “You know Y/N, I’ve been trying to keep my hands off you all class, those clothes are just so fucking short and small and you’re just so fucking hot, god.” You turned around quickly letting out a yelp, eyes becoming huge as you threw your hands up to cover your bra cover breast. Coach Hemmings stood there, leaning against the wall and smirking at you once again.

"What the hell do you think you’re doing!? You can’t be in here!" you yelled out still in shock over his presence.

He chuckled darkly, “Oh come on baby, I’ve seen the way you were looking at me in class, and that cute little stutter you did when I called your name,” he crossed the rooming back you against the wall and laying his hands on your hips, “You liked hearing me say your name didn’t you? I bet it turned you on, you were definitely turning me on all class, babe.” his thumbs ran circles over your hip as his lips connected to your neck working on leaving a hickey.

You gasped in shock, you couldn’t deny how turned on you were, but somewhere in the back of your mind this still felt wrong, “I don’t thi-we can’t I mea-we shoul-” he connected his lips to yours quickly silencing you and you pushed the thoughts away deciding to fall victim to your needs.

He licked across your bottom lip before sliding his tongue in, you immediately giving the dominance to him, feeling as his tongue explored your mouth. His hand ventured over from your hips, running his fingers over the soft skin above the hem of your shorts, he quickly pushed his hands in and ran the pads of his fingers over your clit. You gasped out, letting your head fall back against the wall as his fingers sped up their circles, “Does that feel good baby? Tell me you want more”, he whispered out in your ear.

You moaned out, “Oh God please, I need more, please!” the words left your lips without you even having to think about it, your brain was purely running on pleasure by now. You felt his fingers run over your slit, before he thrusted two inside you deeply, causing you to release out a loud moan. He smirked, pumping his fingers in and out quickly as his thumb rubbed slow circles over your clit. He kept the same relentless pace up, quickly bring you to the edge.

"I-I, I’m about to, fuck!" his hand quickly slipped out of you denying you your release, causing you to release a whimper, which he chuckled to.

"Be patient darling, I’m gonna give you what you want and so much more." he growled out, quickly unclasping your bra and pulling your shorts and panties down all the way. He took in a quick gasp, "Fuck, you’re so beautiful, do you know that?" He didn’t wait for you to respond though before he connected your lips and rubbed his hands up your sides to massage your boobs. He rubbed his thumbs over your hard nipples, causing you to whimper against his lips. You pulled away quickly deciding he need to shed his clothing too, and yanked his shirt over his head. You traced your hands up his torso, admiring the way his muscles moved and tensed, before reaching your hand down to palm him over his sweat pants. 

He let out a loud grunt, and whispered, “Jump” before hooking his hands under your thighs and lifting you up against the wall. He kicked his sweat pants to his ankles his cock slapping against his stomach, and kissed down to behind your ear, “Ready baby?” You nodded, too consumed by desire to form words, and he eased his tip into you, “I want to hear you moan out, be loud for me babe.” and with that he snapped his hips in and out of you quickly. 

You threw your head back, moaning loudly. His pace kept up, his thrusts quick and deep, you were a stuttering mess in a matter of minutes. “Oh god! Yes! Coach Hemmings, yes!” 

He grunted, “Luke, call me Luke!” he barely got the words out through his teeth, as he pulled out and snapped his hips back in hard.

You moaned, “Fuck Luke! Right there!” ,he did it again, rubbing against your g-spot repeatedly. You yelled out his name over and over as he began to breath heavier and his thrust got sloppier.

"Look at me babe, I know you’re close and I wanna see you when you come" ,he managed to get out before releasing a heavy moan of his own. You opened your eyes, staring into his dark lust filled blue ones, as he hit your g-spot again.

"Oh god! Luke I’m coming! Luke!" you practically scream out as your high came flooding through your veins, blocking out everything except the intense pleasure. The feeling of you clenching around him, caused his high to come quickly, and soon he was moaning out your name and cumming inside you as he fucked you both through your orgasms.

He stilled, catching his breath as he pulled out of you and laid a chaste kiss against your lips. “Thank you, babe” he moved some hair out of your face and smiled at you. 

You leaned your forehead against his, your sweaty bodies still pressed together, “Mmm, thank you. How about we keep this from Coach Peterson?” 

He chuckled, “I wouldn’t even consider differently. What do you say to me taking you to dinner tonight?’

You looked at him brightly, “Realy? Of course! I’d like that,” you let your words trail off a question formed in your mind, “Um, how old are you exactly?” 

He laughed, “I’m 19, I graduated last year, I’m doing some subbing to get my student teacher hours done. How old are you?”

You sighed, relieved you hadn’t just had sex with someone a lot older than you, “I’m 18, so how bout we go take a shower, now?” He smiled, setting you down and taking your hand guiding you to the shower area of the locker room. 

I hope you liked it and it’s what you wanted!

I hate myself.
The perfect person ever wants me, but I can’t help but want someone I can’t have.
I always screw things up, whether it be with my friends, or with people I want to be more than friends with.
I wish I could turn my feelings off for a day and just relax and not have to worry… :’(